Warsito and his controversial technology

Warsito and Habibie, two distinctive scientists

Warsito and Habibie, two distinctive scientists

Warsito is the name that becoming more and more popular nowadays, yet has some controversies. He invented a tool that claimed could cure cancer, particularly breast and brain cancer. Some people support his attempt to do so, but some oncology experts doubt about this new device. In my opinion, this is a rare invention from our local people that has a distinctinve chance to go global.

It has been 3 or 4 years since I knew about Mr. Warito ECCT technology. My beloved Mom unfortunately had a breast cancer. We did everything to make her health as perfect as possible. Beside the conventional treatment in the hospital, we also tried another effort, and Warsito technology was in the pecking order that time, after considered lots of alternatives. Believe it or not, My Mom just got better and better after given frequently therapy using ECCT. Even, the doctor taking care My Mother on the hospital surprised finding the progress fact. We did not disclose all the things to the doctor, because we knew that some doctors still had doubt regarding ECCT.

The controversy about ECCT should not take place according to my opinion. The people who came to Warsito Lab voluntary, had been reported to have a relatively high percentage of success to cure their cancer, more than 70%. So, what government should do is just making a path for Warsito in order that he can treat more people in wider range. One thing for sure, ECCT only uses a low voltage that nearly does not have risk for the people life. So, those who doubt this invention do not have clearly reasons but perhaps their own interest. It is all about share of medical business which proved to be tremendous in value.

To conclude, this technology is a golden opportunity for Indonesia as a prominent initiator. Now all up to us, will we take this chance, or just want to lose it away, with unnecessary controversy.


P.S.: Congrats to Mr. Warsito who just grabbed Habibie Award. Pure Talent! Just go a head Prof.!

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